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Suzanne - HR Professional

Rudy - Engineer

Lisa - Emotional Wellness Coach


... sets you up for continued success ...


Stressless Results is an excellent system of thinking that sets you up for continued success. A lot of people jump head first into setting goals without taking into consideration work-life balance, and open up their mind to choices they never knew they had.


This system is super useful to me. If you are ready to re-wire your brain for success, download this tool. Great work Amardeep!

Andrew - Senior Strategy Management Consultant

...  I learnt many models and strategies which helped me appreciate other aspects of life ...

Being thrown into the chaos of corporate life at a very young age, I had become one dimensional with my focus on life. The focus being working and that was it. This is something I knew I needed to fix because a narrow focus would come at the expense of other aspects of life, however working all the time had become a habit.

With Amardeep’s assistance I was able to become more consciously aware of leading a balanced life. I've learnt many models and strategies which helped me appreciate other aspects of life; have been able to bring a more balanced outlook in my spare time; and have been able to reignite old passions. 

Ramy - Senior Consultant

... completely set free from what was initially holding me back ...


Before I started coaching with Amardeep, I was feeling like I was never good enough professionally and feeling miserably stuck. It was affecting my life and I couldn’t move forward. I felt like I was going to have to just live with it. Then I spoke to Amardeep who coached me through and completely out of that imposter syndrome!


Amardeep helped me break free from what I had been holding onto my whole life with professionalism and patience. He gave me the help I needed and some much more! He has a huge amount of professional experience and provided me with the tools I needed to propel myself into the direction I never thought possible. Not only toward my goals but actually accomplishing them!


Now, I’m completely set free from what was initially holding me back and confidently taking steps toward my specific goals, happier and with a whole lot of clarity. I feel clear and the future is looking bright.

Diana - Associate Director and Program Lead

... a real eye opener for me and I realised that I needed more balance ...


Over the last few years, I've been focused on my career and business, but started to feel the wear in other areas of my life. I think sometimes we are so focused on what's in front of us that often we aren't aware of how we neglecting everything else.

I knew Amardeep for a while and decided to do a session where we took a holistic view and deep dive into all the areas of my life to see how they were performing. This was a real eye opener for me and I realised that I needed more balance.

Since these sessions with him, I've taken immediate action and have been experiencing real positive changes across the board from working on the areas of my life that I needed to nurture.

Manpreet - Tax Manager


... been able to become more organised, more spontaneous and am exercising more ...


Amardeep is a no-nonsense, practical and straight-forward kind of guy who’ll get to the heart of your matter before you even know you’re on the operating table. He cut through my waffling and wailing in no time and got me honed and focused so that even now, if I get ambivalent, I remember his coaching. He’s also kind and personable, fun and extremely honest.

It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found that the sessions were a pleasurable experience and provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. 

Because of the coaching with Amardeep I have been able to become more organised, develop a more positive outlook, be more spontaneous and am exercising more. These changes have had an instant impact on my life and the people around me. I would recommend Amardeep’s services to anyone who is ready to make changes for the better.

Karan - Business Analyst

... has given me many techniques and strategies I can continue to use in all areas of my life ...


Amardeep has been such a fantastic boost to both my personal and work life! I originally contacted him for a greater understanding of our business operations with regards to prioritizing day-to-day operations. However with his help I very quickly realized the importance of taking better control of not only my work life, but also my personal life.


With his incredible attention to detail he helped show me what specifically I needed to work on and strengthen in my life in order to achieve the goal I wanted. He also worked with me to fine tune these goals so that I have clear direction and focus to realistically obtain my goals. With Amardeep's wholesome way of approach, my personal life has also ever so gently taken better direction, enhancing my family life and my own personal happiness.


The business is flourishing with better direction and Amardeep has given me many techniques and strategies I can continue to use in all areas of my life to continue to grow to even bigger and brighter horizons on all fronts! Thank you Amardeep, you have far exceeded my expectations.

Tamara - Recreational Holiday Business Owner

... have learnt valuable tools and techniques to help me get unstuck ...



I would like to express this opportunity to pass on my heart felt “thank you” to Amardeep for adding value to my life, for his patience, wisdom, expert knowledge and professionalism in helping me to see way forward through the fog and uncertainty I have experienced in life.

Before I did the program I was totally stuck and feeling overwhelmed with multiple small projects that I had to achieve. During the coaching process Amardeep assisted me in structuring each project, breaking them down into smaller tasks and in sequence order with dates of completion. With the learnings and homework Amardeep provided, it enabled me to boost my performance and I started to see things clearly. Amardeep has the amazing ability to ask appropriate questions seamlessly and that assisted me finding the answer to my problems within myself every time. And at the end of our time together I was able to refine my learnings as he made me aware of how to think methodically, strategically and to put forward thought provoking questions to solve next problem if I’m stuck. 

Not only I have clear direction to drive my projects forward but I also have learnt valuable tools and techniques to help me get unstuck in the future. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Amardeep to my family, friends or colleagues.

Noy - Entrepreneur

... now I can make decisions with certainty ...


Before I met and was coached by Amardeep, I found it very hard to articulate where I was in life. I wasn’t able to distinguish what was important in life and how to be clear in my decision making. 

Working with Amardeep has been life changing with his unique ability to listen effectively, with no judgement and sum up your issues in a such a clear and simple way. It brings a simple and instant awareness to how you can come up with solutions for your own issues and together with his amazing techniques of aligning and centering you in your thoughts, allows you to achieve a resourceful state of mind.

Now I can make decisions with certainty and I’m my own best friend. I know the skills to put myself into a state that is resourceful to me and that helps me accomplish my outcomes for life, business and creativity.

Sarah - Make-Up Artist Consultant


... I've had a lot of "Ah Ha!" moments ...


I've worked with Amardeep over a few months to tackle various challenges and goals across specific areas of my life such as business, health, adventure and recreation. I was nervous at first approaching these topics, as I was new at being coached however I quickly felt a sense of openness with him.


I've had a lot of "Ah Ha!" moments whilst working with Amardeep, to the point where I now feel comfortable enough to tell him anything. In one particular session I explained that I had an unwanted behaviour in conflict with my values. He helped me work through this issue and my desired to grow and improve is becoming greater everyday.  

Shannon - Pathologist

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