My name is Amardeep Gill​

Pronounced: ah-ma-deep

If you’re here, chances are it’s because you want to figure out how to have a high performance lifestyle without sacrificing your wellness as a Leader or Entrepreneur so that you can achieve more results, more personal time and more freedom.


If that’s you, then great. Peak performance and  your mental and emotional wellness don't have to oppose each other. If anything, they are interconnected.


Who is Amardeep Gill?


Well, a part from being a guy with a beard :) I've been fortunate to work for some of the largest consulting and enterprise software giants and Y-Combinator backed start-up companies globally. I'm probably a lot like you, I'm ambitious, take pride in my work and value I deliver but also want to live life.


I'm also a Coach, with with over 700 hours of supervised and accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) classroom training and 10+ human behaviour coaching courses completed. 


I've helped an extensive variety of Leaders, Entrepreneurs and other high performers to create lifestyles where they experience less stress, increased personal time and better results. 


Here are some fancy badges to prove it. 

Whilst I’ve worked with high achievers, from Corporate Consultants, lawyers, entrepreneurs to subject matter experts… that doesn’t mean I’m the right for EVERYONE.


A lot of people want the perfect work and life experience but few will actually do any work towards building that life for themselves.


My own experience was that after a few years of consulting and corporate experience, feeling ‘stressed’ would be an understatement.

  • Exhausting 12-18+ hour work days

  • Declining physical, mental and emotional health

  • Lack of proper sleep resulting in fatigue build up

  • The mechanical rinse and repeat of the same day with little to no motivation

  • The never ending mental stress caused by thinking of everything I had to do at work and other's opinions

I started to question what is this all for? Is this what life is about? Getting great pay at the cost of not even having a life?


Look, I'm not saying that there aren't good things about the fast paced and high performing environments. There are. You get to work on interesting projects, get variety, have opportunities to climb the ladder if you perform and work with really smart people who are great at what they do.


Unfortunately, many of those 'high achievers' are stressed and aren't coping. How do I know this? They are my clients and have admitted it.


The ONE thing that changed everything for me?


Coaching did! Fortunately at company in which I was so stressed, I was lucky enough to get inducted into a coaching program.


In the proceeding years, I undertook years of coaching study to find out how you can achieve optimal performance without giving up your own wellness. I spent over $40,000 on learning tools to achieve maximum performance and bust stress from coaching disciplines such as: 

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (what Tony Robbins got famous from and the basis for any high potential individual development)

  • Hypnosis (no, there’s no pendulum swing and clucking like a chicken in what I do)

  • Extended-DISC behavioural profiling

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • High Performing Teams

  • Leadership and

  • What I love the most, Multiple Brain Integration (the alignment of our multiple intelligences to make wiser choices

After more than 700+ hours of ICF Accredited and supervised training and application, I learnt how to help individuals like you decode what is stressing you, and how you can thrive in your work without giving up your wellness. If anything, you’ll be getting even better work results WHILST feeling even more mentally and emotionally healthy.


I CAN'T help you if:

  • You are happy staying stressed with declining mental and emotional health 

  • You who don’t want to help yourself get out of your unhealthy situation

  • You're a research junkie not willing to implement anything you learn

 I CAN help you if:

  • You have stress that's affecting your work performance or other areas of life

  • You want to actually help yourself

  • You are committed and responsible enough to want to help yourself and implement new behaviours to beat and significantly reduce job and life stress. 

Still with me? This is for you if you're a:


Leaders, Entrepreneurs or other High Performers that want to go from stressed out and time poor to maximum achievement whilst mentally and emotionally healthy AND saving at least 5 hours per week.


Now imagine, having 5 extra hours per week to do the things you really want to do, whether it’s gym, going for a run, spending time with your partner/family/ friends or own your own hobbies?


How would your daily experience at work where previously you had 10+ hours days of stress and in low energy/resourceful emotional and physical states now be ones where you are in control and have the ability to feel positive and resourceful feelings and positive empowering states?


What would that do for you? For your colleagues? For your clients? Imagine walking in your client meetings or workshops where you actually feel positive on the outside and inside (as opposed to faking it on the outside and feeling like a nervous and stressed wreck on the inside?)


If you’re like me, you know that that’s what you really want instead of years spent thinking “It’ll be better….one day....I hope”.


The crazy thing is that you could achieve what took me years to learn and apply in far less time. Also, what cost me $40,000 to learn, and an innumerable amount in lost opportunities combined with the disastrous effect on my mental and emotional health, would be a fraction of the investment for you.


So, if you’re looking for someone who can look at your holistic work and life situation to take all the elements in and help you create a work and life where you can have a healthier, positive and higher performing life , then I can help you.

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